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Mai Mamdouh

Mai Mamdouh

Operations Manager

Ms. Mamdouh leads the organization’s Operations Department, with the responsibility of overseeing all the ongoing daily vital processes. Ms. Mamdouh holds a bachelor degree from the faculty of Economics and Political Sciences – English Section in 2007.

She immediately started off her career in the Banking field. She successfully held several positions at the HSBC bank for 8 years. Joining Ethos in 2016, she undertook the position of the General Manager Assistant, which gave her the opportunity of gaining broad technical experience in regards to all the operations aspects.

Showing great professionalism she took up the challenge to serve as the organization’s Operations Manager in 2019 and a member of the Executive Committee.

Ms. Mamdouh and her professional team successfully handle the organization’s facilities including (Cleaning, IT and Security Services), along with the following departments: Cafeteria, Warehouse, Transportation and Purchasing.