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Rana Hachem


Rana Hachem

Lower Key Stage Two Head & Primary Literacy Lead

Ms. Rana Hachem is a British/Egyptian practitioner with over 11 years of teaching and leadership experience in a number of international schools across Egypt/London.

She was born and raised in London and decided to move to Egypt to further get in touch with her Egyptian heritage & roots.

Her interest in teaching developed when she carried out some voluntary work at my primary school in London. Since then, she’s managed to obtain her teaching qualification from Eton College, a bachelor’s degree in business management, worked as a lead practitioner in seven different schools as well as obtained her complete safeguarding certificate in young children.


In 2015, Ms. Hachem established an independent teacher recruitment company where she provides international placements for teachers as well as online continuous professional development programmes.

Ms. Hachem’s education philosophy entails that children are diverse. They require a stimulating educational environment where they can develop, academically, socially mentally, physically, and emotionally. She aspires to build a learning climate where pupils can meet their full individual potential.


As she practices & leads areas of, and reflects upon 21st-century education, she has learnt the importance of inquiry and reflection to develop critical thinkers in today’s world. She believes that there are five core skills that contribute to successful learners, these are; critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and character building. She believes in developing a child-centered learning approach, where learning is contextualized aspiring young children to construct meaning based on real-life experiences.