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Arabic Studies

Ethos International School
Arabic Studies

The Vision of Ethos and the daily practices of the school stress the importance of preserving our identity. The Arabic Language Department, through its rigorous program of Arabic Studies (Arabic Language, Religion, and Arabic Social Studies), reinforces this direction and is a key-player in rooting our pupils to their identity.

Ethos strictly follows the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements and ensures they are fulfilled at the highest level while integrating international best practices for teaching and assessment methodology, as well as participating in school enrichment activities.

The Arabic Language studied in Year 10 as an O level is accepted by universities as part of their admission requirements.

All pupils are required to pass MOE exams in Arabic Studies to progress to the following year, and can only graduate and apply to universities when they pass the MOE 3rd Secondary Arabic Studies exams.

At Ethos all Egyptian pupils who do not have exemptions will be taking Arabic Language and Religion starting in Foundation Stage, and Arabic Social Studies starting in Year 4.

As of Year 1 all pupils will be assessed internally on a termly basis. MOE exams as of Year 4 are scheduled by the MOE and are usually held in January and May of each year.

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