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Who’s Who


Executive Committee

Ethos for Educational Services executive committee is made up of five individuals who represent different departments and operations in the school. The executive committee’s main role is to facilitate decision making in the organization.

The executive committee responsibilities include but not limited to:
– To provide strategic direction for the organization relating to its mission for offering an engaging curriculum, attracting and retaining a competent workforce, Creating, maintaining, and developing the facilities needed, and providing the educational tools required.
– To establish, review, and approve policies and procedures that enable pupils and staff to work in a safe, secure, and efficient environment.
– To support the development and promotion of the vision, mission, goals, values, and strategies of the organization.

Executive Committee Members


Muhammad Salah

General Manager

Esraa Elweshahy

Deputy General Manager

Peter Spencer

Head Teacher

Mona Morsy

Accounting Manager

Mai Mamdouh

Operations Manager

Academic Staff


Rasha Kayali

Head of Foundation Stage

Doaa Tohfa

Head of Key Stage One

Iman Afify

Head of Key Stage Two

Christine Alphonse

Head of Key Stage Three and Four

Nohha Emad

Head of Character Education

Dalia Elguindy

Head of Expressive Arts

Laila Niazy

Head of Learning Support

Muhammad Sadek

Head of Physical Education