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Junior School

Ethos International School
Junior School – KS1 and KS2

Teaching and learning in our Junior School (Key Stages 1 and 2) is focused on providing an experience that is almost identical to that being offered in any British school in England. Education is based on the National Curriculum of England and is supported by a variety of premium quality resources.

Our Junior School section covers a broad range of subjects including English, Mathematics, and Science, in addition to other topics that foster pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the world, such as History, Geography, and cross-cultural topics. Arabic is a core subject at Ethos as the mother tongue of most of our pupils and is an integral part of their Identity. Our curriculum also includes more subjects such as Art & Design, Music, Physical Education, Computing and Modern Foreign Language for Key Stage 2 pupils. In addition, Character Education is a valued session that is well integrated across all subjects. Whereas pupils are educated on their academic curriculum, their characters are highlighted in alignment with ethical values.

Through a well-structured framework set by the UK Department of Education, Junior School pupils develop their academic skills. These skills are complemented by reading, writing, listening and interacting. We believe that it is at this age that the love of reading takes root and then flourishes throughout the years. Therefore, we have different forms of libraries; a school library, a classroom library, and an e-library that house a variety of books for different interests to encourage children, prosper their development, and complement the reading requirements set out in the framework.

Furthermore, events throughout the year play a big role in pupils’ curiosity and engagement as they develop different skills. Pupils get to be exposed to different cultures, different ways of research, and all through a fun, stress-free experience.

Our junior pupils’ classrooms are built fit for purpose to ensure the best learning experience; therefore they are spacious, colorful, and vibrant. Classes are mostly center-based, where children sit in groups working on different tasks in a group or individually. They are located in separate connected buildings on the school premises and have their own facilities including bathrooms, computing labs, and outdoor play areas.

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