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Ethos for Educational Services

Ethos for educational services
Our Story

Once upon a time, a group of 22 pupils started their developmental journey at Rukan Nursery. As they grew attached to the place where they were nurtured and loved, they also grew older, and so they had to leave their special home. But there was no land or even a building to house them! So, it was decided that Ethos would be their second home. Ethos started their quest with two classes of Foundation Stage.

To the children’s surprise, they found that Rukan quickly grew into Ethos, a British International School, that held the same core values and beliefs as their nursery and that would guarantee they would get the best education available while maintaining the safety and culture that they were used to.

There were 40 students enrolled in the first year. The Rukan/Ethos family tree grew another 540 students who continued following their dream with the same passion, fervor, and perseverance they had from day one.

With the new building in place, it meant that the dream was growing and there was a lot more room to share!

The children soon learned that Arabic and their national identity was as important to their development as any of the core subjects. Not only this but that their character education perhaps superseded any academic value. For what is learning without the ability to learn? What distinguishes a person from the average educated citizen other than the practice of compassion, perseverance, respect, honesty, and positive core values and beliefs?

An Ethosian today is a very special kind of person who comes from a special kind of culture. An all-rounded, highly educated, and cultured individual, who has a growth mindset and is an active citizen of the world. An Ethosian cares for and respects all people and plays an important role in sustaining the planet for future generations to come.

Ethosians are the true story of Ethos, from the founders to the pupils and their families that continue to grow, sharing its vision and changing the world one step at a time. Will there be a part three? You’ll have to wait and see…

Because this story will continue to be reviewed, and improved day after day…because “this story is no fairytale, all characters, establishments and ideas appearing in this work are real and any resemblance to real life is not coincidental!”

Ethos for educational services
Board Members

Rukan Nursery & Preschool

Rukan Nursery & Pre-school is established under the umbrella of Ethos for Educational Services. Our mission is to provide a journey of continuous development and improvement, working together with parents and caregivers so that children develop a love of learning. We want our children to flourish in all aspects of their lives within a safe atmosphere of mutual support and trust, going above and beyond for our children and the community around us.
We always have high expectations for ourselves and our children. And we are deeply committed to raising achievement, creativity, and fun in our children’s lives. Every child is known personally and is special to us. Rukan Preschool accepts children from 4 months to 4 years. Our vision is to provide an environment that promotes and enhances the well-being of all its members and fosters the continuous growth and development of our children.

Nine Yards

It’s an academy established under the umbrella of Ethos for Educational Services, where pupils take part in extracurricular activities outside the class time. These activities aim to boost their intellectual, physical and social development.
Nine Yards hubs plenty of extracurricular activities such as; clubs: football, fencing academy, Lego Robotics, art and music After School activities and camps for all ages during school breaks.