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Performing and Visual Arts

Ethos International School
Performing and Visual Arts

Art Events and Activities

Our young artists are valued highly here at EIS. Not only do they get to learn Art through regular lessons, but they also get to exhibit their art several times throughout the academic year. We annually hold a themed art competition where the pupils get to share their own creative interpretations of the theme with the rest of the school. We also have our incredible annual Art Exhibition where the pupils and their parents get to enjoy a magical event where they get to see their best work exhibited publicly for everyone to enjoy. Most importantly we believe that every child is an artist and we strive to provide equal and plentiful opportunities for every child to share and express themselves creatively.

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Music Extra Curricular Activities

Music is a powerful educational tool and an integral part of the character and mental development. EIS believes that music shouldn’t stop at the end of the academic day and that more opportunities should be available for those interested in pursuing it further. That is why we strongly believe in the value of our School Choir and School Band. Through weekly after-school sessions, our talented students will find a fun way to express themselves creatively in a group. They will also have ample opportunities to perform publicly and in front of their peers, developing their self-confidence and teamwork skills.