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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2022/2023

Year GroupTuition Fees (EGP)Sibling Discount (10% on the younger sibling)Current Price After Senior School Discount (10%)
Foundation Stage 180,00072,000N/A
Foundation Stage 280,00072,000N/A
Year 190,000 81,000N/A
Year 290,000 81,000N/A
Year 395,00085,500N/A
Year 495,00085,500N/A
Year 595,00085,500N/A
Year 695,00085,500N/A
Year 7102,00091,80091,800
Year 8102,00091,80091,800
Year 9102,00091,80091,800
Year 10108,00097,20097,200
Year 11112,000100,800100,800
  • Pupils applying to KS3 & KS4, who achieve high scores in the entrance assessments, will be entitled 30% discount on the tuition fees as a scholarship. In order to guarantee the continuity of the scholarship, pupils should maintain the same academic achievement every year. In case the pupil failed to maintain the scholarship, the payment plan will be transferred to the locked fees offer.
  • Activities, books, resources and other payments are not included; it is determined by the examination board and school finance prior to the academic year.