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Physical Education

Ethos International School
Physical Education

EIS physical education curriculum is designed according to a multi-point program that stimulates a whole active body. Learning of movement skills and health concepts through a wide and broad range of different sports and activities. Physical Education at Ethos is much more than just “rolling the ball or jump hoops” our program isn’t directed or focusing only on Athletes, we have customized programs for all pupils according to their abilities.

Skills learned in the PE class can be applied throughout their daily life; they learn the importance of exercising in their daily life and that everyone can exercise at his/her own pace. In our physical education classes, all pupils are engaged and active. No one is standing around waiting for his/her turn (except for few skills like gymnastics or Athletics). The pupils practise and develop physical skills in a logical and age-appropriate individual progression. We make sure to integrate concepts of nutrition and overall fitness with physical activities.

Physical Education Department Focus Areas are:

  • Improving and developing physical aspects on both the individual and team levels.
  • Promoting daily physical activity.
  • Helping pupils achieve a higher level of fitness.
  • Making pupils more engaged and alert throughout the school day.
  • Providing important knowledge of health instructions.
  • Reinforcing fundamental life skills.
  • Engaging pupils in competitive sports and activities.
  • Character building skills in regards to sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, Teamwork, caring and honesty.

Areas of Learning

The Physical Education curriculum is divided into the below main areas of learning:


Etholympics is Ethos’s big sports event, where all pupils unite as houses and compete against each other in a healthy, competitive, and fun environment. All pupils and teachers are divided into four houses which remain their houses until they graduate from high school. Adding Points to the four houses starts one week prior to their sports day during PE classes and internal competitions conducted between houses in different sports. Then comes Etholympics which is the final big sports day where they compete against each other and we have the winner house of the Etholympics event.

School Teams

In Ethos, we believe in healthy competition and its positive impact on our pupils. The PE department forms school teams in different sports and members are chosen according to try-outs.

Teams are formed according to the following age groups:

  • Under 12 years
  • Under 14 years
  • Under 16 years
  • Under 18 years

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