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Learning Support

Ethos International School
Learning Support

The learning support team at Ethos International School caters to the needs of pupils from FS to Y9 who have mild learning disabilities and/or who have who have difficulties accessing the curriculum due to language deficiencies, specific learning styles, or who require specific teaching styles, with available means to access the mainstream curriculum and assessment. We aim to support pupils to develop the necessary independent skills and strategies to access the mainstream curriculum and assessment fully and independently. The learning support team work on employing strategies within our available resources, to support pupils to access mainstream curriculum, and to support teachers in enabling pupils to reach their full potential.

Our learning support services cover the following subject areas:

  • English
  • Math
  • Arabic (KS1 only)


Pupils become eligible for learning support services if:

  • He/she has been admitted to Ethos with diagnosed mild learning disabilities
  • He/she has been identified as having a mild learning disability, following the referral process
  • He/she has performed poorly on standardized assessments and/or is performing significantly below expected grade level and is thereby eligible for support


Learning support services are provided to pupils based on the pupil’s individual needs and may include:

  • Pull-out time in small group instruction
  • One to one specialized, remedial instruction
  • Inclusive teaching strategies using classroom teacher or teacher assistant
  • Accommodations (extra test time, laptop use, copies of class notes, available assistive technology and modified readers, etc.)
  • Support in handling behavioral, social or emotional issues
  • Other strategies which can reasonably be provided with given resources

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