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Twinkl Egypt and Ethos International School partner together to educate parents about choosing an educational curriculum and a school that is right for their children.

Twinkl Egypt & Ethos Join Forces to Educate Parents about Choosing the Right Curriculum and School


Twinkl Egypt and Ethos International School partner together to educate parents about choosing an educational curriculum and a school that is right for their children.


It can be overwhelming for parents to decide which international educational curriculum is the best fit for their children, especially as international schools are on the rise in Egypt. Therefore, Twinkl Egypt & Ethos International School decided to work together and educate parents about the choices they have so they can make the right decision.


Choosing the right school is not the only thing that makes school admissions challenging, but also the fact that many first-time parents are unaware of the basics like when school admissions actually begin, how to get a school tour, etc. These details can prove difficult for a first-time parent.


How Twinkl Egypt and Ethos Can Help You As A Parent?


A live session will be held on Twinkl Egypt Facebook page, with Doaa Tohfa, Assistant Headteacher for Early Years and Lower Key Stage 2 in Ethos International School. Doaa spent her early years in an American school, then had her IGs in a British School. She holds a masters degree in Special and Inclusive Education from the University College of London. She is currently working on her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership from Best Practice in the UK. Doaa has been in the Educational Field for over 14 years. She is also a mother of three children who have inspired her to pursue her career in the field of education. Doaa will happily share with you how you can choose the right school for your kids, what criteria to look for and general details about when admission starts and everything about booking a school tour.


A Little Bit About The Partners


Ethos International School:

Ethos is a private international school in Egypt established under the umbrella of Ethos Educational Services, along with Rukan Nursery and Preschool and Ethos Academy; offering a first class British education. The main aim of the school is to offer future generations a holistic education that provides development opportunities, intellectual exposure and varied experiences, while maintaining and supporting healthy social norms.


Twinkl Educational Publishing:

Twinkl began life in 2010, in the back bedroom of a Sheffield home. It all started with a simple dream – helping those who teach.


Founders Jonathan and Susie Seaton realized there weren’t enough accessible, reliable and high-quality teaching resources out there. Susie was a teacher back then, and like lots of other educators, she often had to spend precious time making her own materials. It was clear things could be a lot simpler. So, they got to work, Twinkling away in the evenings and on weekends, putting together teaching resources at home alongside their day jobs. By making these resources just once and sharing them with the education community, Twinkl could free up time for educators and help them focus on what really matters – teaching our children. Twinkl has come a long way since then. From humble beginnings at home in Yorkshire, we’re now a global leader in education resources.


When will the Live session Be and How to Attend?


The live session is on Saturday, the 25th of May, and will be on Twinkl Egypt’s Facebook page, all you need to do to attend is to mark your calendar and say yes to this event on Facebook.

If you have any questions prior to the event, just drop us a message on Facebook and we will do our best to answer all your questions in the Live session.